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Challenge Question #1


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How to Multiply Your Chances of WINNING    


  When you Register above, each snowboarder is permitted only four entries, one entry for each of the four Challenge questions as they are published.  That is one entry per each question.  But you can Multiply your chances of winning; because part of your entry includes creating your own personal Challenge Referral Bonus code (CRB).  That CRB code IS YOUR TICKET TO MULTIPLY YOUR CHANCES TO WIN.  Each time you give your CRB to your Snowboarding Buddies or other Snowboarders, and invite them to go enter The Snowboarders $1,000 Challenge Online, you get another chance at winning
     Here's how:  If one of your Snowboarder referrals wins, then YOU ARE AWARDED AN MATCHING SNOWBOARDING GEAR PRIZE.  So you can see, that the more Snowboarders who use your CRB number, the greater your chances are of being one of the four prizes awarded.  

Registration: All Entrants must be snowboarders, or planning their first season of snowboarding; and, by providing your contact information, you request Snowboarders$1000 Challenge for notification of contest winners and other information about Snowboarding. 

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