How to Handle Negative Yelp Reviews

It’s natural for people to read reviews before buying anything online. They don’t have other means of determining whether a product is worth buying or not. These reviews came from real people who tried the products and services. Therefore, businesses should strive to receive more positive reviews. The problem is that not everyone will have something good to say. Others might even notice unexpected issues. Yelp is among the most popular websites for reviews. Getting a negative Yelp review can damage the brand. These are some tips to deal with the problem.

Never panic

Seeing negative reviews on yelp might spell the end of the company. The truth is that not everyone believes in what they read online. Some people will scrutinize the information first before believing in it. There’s no need to panic since it won’t lead to a positive result. Carefully read the review before reacting to it. Panicking might also lead to a regrettable response. 

Apologize if necessary 

Some reviews are true, while others are not. After reading the details and determining that the reviews are accurate, learn to apologize. An existing customer didn’t like the experience, and the company should say sorry about it. There should also be a promise to do better. Acknowledge the mistake and provide clear explanations. However, be careful in saying sorry since there might be legal repercussions. If uncertain, consult with the legal team first. Follow the advice on how to handle accusations waged against the company. 

Examine the review source

It’s crucial to determine who wrote the review. Of course, there’s no way to be 100% certain about it. Some accounts use fake usernames. The best way is by looking deeper into the manner of writing the review. If the story seems made up, it’s from a fake source. Repeated accusations without clear explanations are also another indicator. Determining the authenticity of the review is necessary for crafting an appropriate response. 

Provide counter arguments

After determining that the yelp review is incorrect, provide a valid counterargument. Try to present concrete facts and evidence to respond to the information. It doesn’t mean that people will automatically believe the explanation, but they can at least read it. It’s up to them to decide if they will believe the original review or the response. Don’t forget to include links that can strengthen the answer. However, even if it’s frustrating to deal with a fake review, the response should be diplomatic. A terrible answer will only reflect a bad image. It shows that the people behind the business are unprofessional. Potential customers will evaluate both the review and the response made. 

Seek private resolutions

After the first response to the review, most people will keep quiet and move on. They don’t want to make a big deal out of it. However, some of them will reply. They want to know more information or prove that they’re right. The exchanges might be too long. Not everything should be available to the public. Invite the person to have a private conversation. The problem deserves a solution, and an agreement might happen in private. Besides, it’s not good to let everyone read the lengthy responses. They might start to think that the company is unprofessional. It’s also giving more power and attention to the person who left the negative Yelp review. 

Encourage more people to leave a Yelp review

The best way to drown negative reviews is by encouraging more positive reviews. New information will appear first. The negative review will eventually get pushed down to the next pages, and no one will notice them anymore. The key is to make it easier for existing customers to write a review. Send reminders through emails and social media accounts. Some of them don’t mind writing a review if they know how to do it. If the company offers quality products and services, it’s easy to get glowing reviews. 

Improve what the brand offers

It’s frustrating to see negative reviews online. They reflect poorly on the brand. They also discourage others from patronizing the company. The truth is that these negative reviews are probably true. Some customers were unhappy with what they received. The best way to stop them from writing a negative review is by giving them no reason to do it. Consider improving the quality of products and services. Read the common details pointed out by the customers in the review. Be open to changes. If people didn’t like something, it needs to go. It might not be easy, but businesses should be fluid. 

Hopefully, the company will start getting better Yelp reviews in the future. It’s a process, and it takes time. Some agencies can help monitor online reputation. They will identify the presence of a negative Yelp review and deal with it. There are other aspects in running a business, and there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing reputation management.